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Jiu Jitsu at Gracie Schwarzwald

Gracie Schwarzwald is a Self-Defense Academy teaching Complete and Authentic Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Created by Grandmaster's Carlos and Helio Gracie, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (also known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is the most Effective and Proven method of unarmed Protection against common and dangerous attacks. 

Our Mission at Gracie Schwarzwald is to meet Three Objectives:​

  • First, teach a Complete Self-Defense System within a safe, clean, and respectful environment.
  • Second, Provide one of the most fun and effective methods of physical fitness there is.
  • Lastly, offer and environment dedicated to personal, ethical, and healthful improvement. 


Group Classes

Kids Class


Privat Lesson

Why Train Jiu Jitsu at Gracie Schwarzwald?

In 1993, when Royce Gracie stepped into the first UFC Octagon he began a Martial Arts Revolution. He showed the World that his Family's Art was the premiere Realistic Martial Art by easily and quickly defeating much bigger fighters.

Roy Marsh is the Head Instructor of Gracie Schwarzwald and one of the few Black Belts in the World (and the only one in Central Europe) under the Legendary Royce Gracie. Being so close to the source, Mr. Marsh can teach the Art as it was originally designed.​

Roy has been called an "Instructor's Instructor" because of his exceptional depth of knowledge, attention to detail and ability to convey the concepts that allow students to truly understand Combative Arts.

What also separates Gracie Schwarzwald is that many other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Schools teach Jiu-Jitsu primarily as a grappling sport and lose focus on what our art was created to be: a realistic self-defense system which would allow anyone to protect themselves against any and all attacks - without rules, points, or time limits. At Gracie Schwarzwald, we train in a way that truly prepares you to protect yourself in a real world encounter.


Dave Camarillo

"In terms of his character and martial arts ability as a competitor and instructor, Roy is one of the best in the business. He leads with honor and respect as a true martial artist. He inspires everyone around him including me. He is a great asset to our community!"

 - Dave Camarillo

Jesse Hertzog

“Roy has contributed immensely to the development of the Modern Army Combatives Instructors of the 82nd Airborne Combatives and Advanced Tactics School.

Because of Roy’s ability and to passion to instruct, I have seen massive improvements in every aspect of my Jiu-Jitsu as well as my own ability to teach students.”

Jesse Hertzog

  • Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
  • Level 4 Army Combatives Instructor
  • 2X All-Army Combatives Champion
  • 2014 All Armed-Services Combatives Champion